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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Write the Book

So I'm writing a memoir. Maybe you knew. It's about falling in love with an Iraqi refugee in the middle of war, revolution and an arranged marriage. Sigh.

Last year, I decided I was only going to write it if I found a publisher. I wrote sample chapters and a book proposal and decided that was enough. Let someone ask (read: pay) me to finish it.

I said as much to my friend Alec. He said bull. Finish the book. I said no! It's too much work. He said finish the book. I said but, but, I want an agent. I want a publisher. He said finish the book and then its yours and you have this thing and you did something instead of talking about it. Finish the book.

So I did. I finished the book. And you know what? He was right. Now I have this thing and I'm talking to agents and publishers and maybe something will happen that route or maybe I'll self-publish. But I have a book. I wrote a book.

What are you not finishing? What are you waiting for in your life? What are you not saying YES to? Saying YES always leads to something else. It always leads to what's next. It may not be perfect and may not be the answer, but it's something and it will lead you to something else. And saying YES to yourself is always good!

An acquaintance friend of mine fell out of touch two years back, but recently reached out to me. She apologized for her absence and explained it by disclosing she was diagnosed with a terminal illness. Terminal.

Life is indescribably short. Write the book.


  1. I'm so thrilled for you Kim... what i've read and as much as I know about the story it will no doubt find the support it needs to get into as many people's hands as possible. I hope to be one of the first to buy a copy. I hate to sound like a Hallmark card but always remember that it's what we do in life that makes a difference, not what we talk about. You wrote a book... you are an author! So proud! Love always from Shanghai and keep conquering... it's your destiny!!!
    Love always and congratulations xoxo

    1. You are the best Alec. Much love and thanks for your words and friendship! xox