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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Make Your Scene Better.

These days I am living in a lot of unknown. I've been stewing and ruminating and mildly freaking out. There's a lot to be determined in the upcoming weeks. Sound familiar?

She takes a big breath.

I go back to improv. What does improv philosophy say? Improv teaches us to relish in uncertainty, listen for clues, say yes to opportunity and leap into the unknown. It teaches us to take action. Just DO something. Inaction leads to more inaction leads to more inaction. And then we're stuck. I'm sick of stuck. Are you?

Big change equals big opportunity. But I know from life that big changes can also kinda suckola. It's a risk, right? You could fail. Bomb. Lose. Suffer. Choke. Fall. Or? Or? You could always trust, trust, trust. So as always I remind myself to trust, leap, breathe and take action.

It makes the scene better. Where do you need to take action in your life today?

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