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Sunday, June 9, 2013

12 Quick and Dirty Ways to Play More

12 quick and dirty ways to bring more play into your life!
1. Laugh as much as you can.
2. Surround yourself by people who make you happy.
3. Take a risk. Do something you would never do. 
4. Engage, don't disengage. Put down your devices.
5. Be silly sometimes. Don't worry how it looks.
6. Get up. Get physical. Get in your body.
7. Watch children. Join them.
8. Find your community. Find your people. You will find yourself there.
9. Say hello to people. And smile.
10. Declare your truth when you are afraid to.
11. Make funny noises. Song a song. Whistle.
12. Allow others to play around you. Make it ok.

Bakers Dozen: 13. Don't be afraid to get dirty.

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