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Thursday, May 29, 2014

The Little Moments...

How true!

I just finished reading a lovely article about the importance of the small interactions in our days, the little moments which often slip by us unnoticed. Too often, we go through our commutes and coffee purchases and street bumps without so much as a boo. We are busy with our iPhones and iPods and iBuds. (is that a thing?) that we miss it. We miss everything. We miss the little moments, the little interactions, the MOMENTS that make up our days and our lives. We miss the billboard advertising what we need. We miss the child looking at us. We miss the woman who desperately needs a smile. We miss a potential new friend, the opportunity for kindness, the hello, the thank you, the... everything.

How many moments are you missing? How many did you already miss just today?

I like the idea that when you engage in the moment, you get happier.  The little moments, the little relationships are satisfying, way more satisfying than shutting down and isolating, way more satisfying than our iThings and the latest status update. When we connect with other humans, there is a mental health payoff.

Give it a try.

Talk to someone. Notice something. Be more present. Engage in your life.

And be happier.

Let me know your thoughts.


  1. This is so true! I was just thinking of this today. For me this is so important because I work at home and have so few real life interactions with people, so I savor all of them. Today I had a chat with the checkout person in Trader Joe. I am trying to look around me more. Last week I was at my SO's house and she actually *turned off* the News Hour because there was a thunderstorm, and we just sat and listened to it and watched the lightning. It was quite magical.

  2. Exactly Rebecca! Thanks for your comment!