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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Knee Signs

I need my knees. We all do. Knees are necessary to walk, move, travel -- all things I have been doing a lot of lately! Transplanting to Chicago requires knees. Well, of course, do the math, I somehow damaged my right knee a few days ago, half way into my move, making it very difficult to walk, climb stairs, move know...basic moving stuff. Sigh.

Why? Why, oh why knee god would this happen now!??! Why!?

It made me think. Is there a reason I have a knee injury, of all possible injuries? (Especially since I own braces for ankles, elbows and wrists, but nothing for knees. Of course!)

As my mom would say...there are no accidents.

This injury has literally forced me to slow down and accept help. My sister went to get the car so I wouldn't have to walk, I hired movers, I accepted the fact that I couldn't unpack in one day! Maybe its the universe forcing me to slow down, forcing me to accept help, forcing me to just breathe through this transition. Maybe the breathing will help me land, maybe the pace will inspire peace. Sometimes the signs are obvious. And simple. We just need to listen.

Just sit, Kim. Slow down.

Oh, and ice. Don't forget to ice.


  1. Oh no! You have my sympathy. Have you been to a doctor to see what type of injury it is? I fell and fractured my kneecap 9 years ago and had surgery; it is held together with metal screws and has a metal plate over it. When that happened I was in the middle (not of a move; New Yorkers with rent regulated apartments never move LOL!) but a huge life transition and this was the last thing I needed. A few months ago I fell on that same knee and bruised it very badly, but, thanks to the metal plate, it was not broken. So it was a month of buses, not subways, even in the beginning asking the bus to lower the platform the way they do for a walker. First walking with a cane, then carrying one in my tote bag, just in case. I did feel grateful, though, that I injured a lower limb, not an upper limb, which would have been more life limiting. Hugs!

    1. thanks rebecca! I'm hopeful its healing!