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Saturday, April 9, 2016

Let's talk about the elephant in the room.

The other day, late in the day, I looked in the mirror. I had way too much blush on! What in the world? How did this happen? Why did no one tell me? All day I was wearing this much blush?! I quickly wiped some off.

Later that night, I lost my blush brush.

Coincidence? I don't think so.  Dun. Dun. Dun!

But for realz, I think it's connected. Somehow, in some way. I think it's aaaaaalll connected. I think the universe provides these little connections for us all the time. (i.e. takes away our blush brush so we don't abuse that privilege again! For sure!) We just usually miss the signs. We're too busy or too tired or too...something to notice. This makes me think...

Ever notice how if say for example, you hear a friend talk about elephants, suddenly elephants are everywhere? They're on the subway adverts, on your facebook feed, on a discarded flyer on the street? Or somebody mentions a trip to Paris and suddenly the person next to you on the train is speaking French and you see a mural of the Eiffel Tower on your way home that you never noticed before and you get a  French language catalog in the mail that day, etc. etc.

Honestly, I think this happens all the time. We just miss it. But it serves as a good reminder when it does happen.  Is it the ability we all have to manifest or simply the ability we all have to notice? I don't know. I believe in manifestation certainly, but I also believe it can be hard and I believe noticing is easier. But then again maybe noticing is manifesting. Maybe all it takes is awareness. I like this superpower to bring what we want or are resonating with to life, simply with awareness.

Which then leads to the question: What are you not noticing? What, if you would just notice, could make a difference in your life? How can your life become fuller with more connections or coincidences?

Open your eyes. Look around. Maybe you'll see an elephant or, I mean...whatever it is you're looking for.

As always, please share your thoughts and reactions below.


  1. Wonderful post....and your writing itself- going from blush to elephants and outward- shows how the instinctual provides natural connections among attributes that seem disparate, somehow everything is connected. I have always believed in what we are keeping in our senses manifesting itself in the outside world. At times it almost feels like magic, but it's natural- and pretty wonderful. What we need is always around us somewhere, there are layered of the world around us, it's up to what we are open to receiving. On the train someone might be acting horribly and you might think "I wish I lived in a city where people were more peaceful"- I bet there's someone else right near you thinking the same thing. We have to both widen the view and zoom in on what we wish to find. It's a good trick in life.

  2. Yes yes and yes to all of this Andy! I agree with you 100%. I often think it is magic! And I love your comment that the world is layered and everything we need is around us somewhere. xoxo