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Saturday, September 5, 2015

On being happy


Recently a friend, whose name shall remain anonymous (Adrienne), posed the question to me: When are you happiest?

An interesting question.

I am happy in Mexico. Happy feeling loved by dear friends. Happy laughing. Happy by water. Happy in my new apartment. Happy while acting. Happy drinking good coffee or good beer. Happy in the ocean. Happy in one of my long 'life' conversations with my mom. Happy creating something. Happy looking at a full moon. Happy traveling. Happy on the beach. (Did I mention water?)

But happiest?

I suppose I am happiest when I am living in the present moment fully, as improv teaches, appreciating all the nuances and particulars of this time of this day. I'm happiest when I am breathing in life---like at the beach or with friends or onstage. I am not happy when I am not present. That's the truth. So check yourself: if you're not happy maybe you're not really here.

I believe the more present you are in your life, the more you create the kind of life where you are happy in that present moment. Does that make sense? You shape your moments by living in them fully. Eventually you shape more and more moments into "good" ones because nobody wants to live in sucky moments.

Right now, as I type this, the sun has set and I am sitting on a sweet balcony overlooking a beautiful plaza in Guanajuato. Yes, I am happy. But I am also aware and that makes me happy (er?). I hear the constant chopping of a food vendor across the square. I hear a late night worker hammering something a block away. I smell fresh tortillas from below. I see streetlamp shadows play on the square. I hear voices of locals and tourists walk by. I see a man with a backpack probably walking home. I feel the slight chill of the breeze against my bare legs. I hear laughter and some guy making a weird "Heh! sound. I am present. To it all. I shaped this moment. And I am happy. Right now.

Maybe even happiest.

How about you? (Adrienne wants to know...)


  1. OK these comments are no where near as pithy as the last batch that I accidentally deleted but...

    I am delighted to know that my late-night, seemingly rando question was helpful in spurring such a lovely post. This reminder is so so so important to me, as I think you know. Being in the moment, present to everything -- yes! yes! yes! Agreed! But something I guess I really haven't articulated for myself was this notion of shaping your own moments. I know we've sort of talked about that before but somehow it really hits home today. So thank you for that.

    That said it annoys me terribly that we live so far apart.

    I wonder what would happen if Kim moved to Lanesboro?! ;-)



    1. i wonder..... xo
      thanks for the comments (twice!)

  2. Aw thanks Jer. Glad you enjoyed it. Posted another today! I'm on fire!