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Thursday, October 2, 2014

From the files of the ridiculous things I've done...

So I was at target with a friend. She had her bag and I had my cart and we were leaving. We started down the escalator and for some reason I put my cart on the escalator, not the cart escalator mind you---

the human escalator.

I was not one of these smart people---

 The cart started to fall. My friend grabbed it and held on until the end but then she thought I'd have it and I should have but I didn't and she let go and the cart was front heavy and then I fell and couldn't get up literally. I mean... the movement of the steps and all. The cart was stuck on the lip of the escalator and I was behind it and couldn't get up. I mean, for real. I was like this...literally

Or this---

Or this---

I thought I might die on a Target escalator, or at least have to live there for a very long time. Like this guy---

So read these signs and pay attention.

They mean it.


Oh, and eventually I got up. 
(Like the old saying goes, "Fall seven times, get up eight")

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