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Thursday, June 30, 2016

Follow the joy.

I was in a conversation with my friend Deb a few weeks ago and she was discussing her life and the changes she was making to it. Casually she mentioned: "I'm just trying to follow the joy, Kim."

I stopped her and made her repeat the phrase.

Follow the joy.

What a great reminder how to live. I love it. Imagine how happy we would all be if we just would/could follow the joy.

Following is active, engaged. It's not passive or waiting. It is steps in motion. Finding is hard. Following seems easier.

We would be in wonderful relationships in wonderful jobs with wonderful friends doing wonderful things. There would be joy. Sure, this may sound pollyanna, but there's truth in this. Yes?

Something not making you happy? Stop it

Someone sucking joy from you? Unfriend them.

Someplace not right? Change it.

Follow. The. Joy.

It's easy and hard all at once, right? If where/what/who you are isn't bringing you joy---change it. Go to where/what/who makes you happy and maybe the joy will follow you.

Follow. The. Joy.

Certainly makes more sense than the opposite.


  1. This is total good advice, but I feel like there is a balance needed lest we start blocking out that which isn't immediately joy affirming but worthwhile all the same. I know people who will not read the news, will not walk in some neighborhoods, who shut things off because they are not joy affirming. To an extent, I can respect that, but when we shape our world to fit our narrative we lose the twitchy weird dark and dawn of the world as it is. So, I agree but not to the extent of shutting things out- maybe the key is to focus on the path, even through the murkiness and sorrow, where what we experience can lead to joy. (but also, drinks and swimming and roller coasters and ice cream is always a good choice)

  2. yes agreed. For me, it isn't about blocking out anything. It's about "following" where and what you want your life to be. I guess the follow word is almost more important than the word joy. It's about being active in your search for joy. And going where the joy is vs. staying in misery. But point taken. :)