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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Be the Expert

I've been writing a lot lately: edits of my book, new improv articles for policymic, posts for this blog, tweets. The list goes on and on. It's funny. In the last year, I have been primarily a writer. I have never been primarily a writer. I have always been an actor/writer/teacher or just an actor/teacher or just an actor, but never just a writer. Man, I write! And I seem to be writing a lot. I already know what my next 2 books will be about! I'm a writer!

12 years ago, somebody told me I wasn't a writer. They told me I was great on stage, but wasn't that strong of a writer. I believed them and gave up. Better I just act and let the writers write. Well, it turns out I can write. I just didn't have the skills, trust, tools, confidence, or fill in the blank.

Now I confidently call myself a writer. Writers write. That's how they are defined. I write, therefore I am a writer. So my question for you is: what skill/passion/desire do you want to call yourself, but are too afraid?

In improv, its called, be the expert. Say you are that person and you will take steps that make you more of that person. By declaring yourself to be that person, saying yes to it, you actually become it. It actually works because you think, speak and act from what that person would do and say. Try it. Be the expert...and in time you will be.


  1. First, thank you so much for last week's class! It has made me feel happier and more fulfilled than anything has in a long time. The topic of this post is interesting to me. I consider myself a singer, but, you see real singers (the ones who get paid to sing in large - or small - opera houses) don't, and unfortunately, living as I do in the "armpit of Lincoln Center", they are everywhere.

    I have never lived anyplace but New York, which made me perfectly happy until I realized that, hey, if I lived somewhere else I might be the only opera singer anyone had ever heard (this actually happened to me in a small town in Texas).

    You can read more here

  2. rebecca, thanks for the comment. You ARE an opera singer. Sing! It's what you do. It doesn't matter where or what anyone else says. When you call yourslef a singer you do things that singers do. You've certainly proved this! So glad you enjoyed the class.. me too!